Friday, 22 August 2014

M2 Academy

Not sure where to go after Secondary School or Poly/JC?
Let me introduce to all of you a school that's situated conveniently in the heart of Orchard Road!
(P.S: Read 'till the end of the post for a giveaway!)

M2 Academy is in collaboration with the University of South Australia (UniSA), recognised globally as one of Australia’s rising stars and offers a wide variety of programmes ranging from Business, Commerce to Engineering. 
More details about the specific programmes can be found here.

The school is located on the 8-11th floor of Orchard Gateway@Emerald, which is right opposite 313@Somerset! There is an apparel store at the basement and food halls on the 4th & 5th floor which students of M2 Academy might get a discount at as well.

The best thing about the location is that if boredom strikes during breaks, students could just head over to Somerset to do some shopping, take a stroll in town or get some Starbucks! Town has all the facilities that one might need and they are all within an arm's reach!

Now, are you ready to see how the school looks on the inside?
Take this virtual tour with me from the time I visited M2 Academy!

With the CEO of M2 Academy~

They even have many ipads placed for students to use!
Super handy.

M2 Academy implements the flipped classroom approach, which is different from the usual lecture-and-tutorial style of learning. 
Instead of having in-school lectures and homework, (yes, you read that right, no more homework!) students watch video lectures online and assignments are now done in class with teachers offering more personalized guidance and interaction with students.

Chrysan & I pretending to be students
(We were actually repeating " this is very funny" over and over again :'))

Super cool sofas with many hidden electrical sockets where students can plug in their laptops and study at!
This school is very technology-driven! Plus, there is also free wifi that all students at M2 can have seamless access to!
(That's right, no more memorizing troublesome student passwords)

And now for my favorite part of  M2 Academy..
Their classroom with the amazing view of Orchard at the back!

Imagine studying in a classroom with that view!
Beautiful, isn't it? :)

With the rest of the bloggers who went for the event!

And did I mention.. M2 Academy also has hoodies, T-shirts and even snapbacks available for students?

M2 Academy makes sure that students are connected and that they learn a set of skills to find out what they want to do in their life!

And on top of everything, M2 Academy also organizes Flea Markets, have 3D Printing, and even movie nights!! I swear, this is probably the coolest school that I've ever heard of and seen.

Why M2 Academy?
If you're still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should consider M2 Academy:

Great Career Outcomes:
Graduates will be highly employable and ready to succeed in the corporate environment.
Students can gain access to relevant industry knowledge and valuable career opportunities through M2 Academy’s partnerships with global multinationals across the different industries.

Here are some key highlights:
 Corporate case studies, workshops and projects with opportunities to assist with industry-based projects or work alongside professionals from relevant industries
 Networking events
 Career mentoring
 Access to dedicated and experienced career services team
 Partnership with specialist recruiters and Industry Associations & Memberships

With strong industry partnerships and a robust curriculum that is focused on developing relevant real-world skill sets, students will be able to go far and be successful!

Gets you a degree that is internationally renowned.
It is one of the top 50 global universities under 50 years old and it's recognized as a 5-star university for teaching, innovation, access, internationalization and facilities 
by the 2014 QS World University Rankings 

Outcome-based learning:
Students will get the chance to test their learning in real working environments. 
Students will also have the opportunity to assist with industry-based projects or work alongside professionals from relevant industries.

And if you might be wondering, click the links below!

Be updated with M2 Academy:
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" A great life starts from a great education. "

Wednesday, 20 August 2014



Shirt from Lightning Cherry c/o Space Invasion, Bag from UNIF, Platforms from Jeffrey Cambpbell, Necklace from Topshop

So I've officially changed my Instagram username to @ellenayoungxy!
I have so much planned for when exams are over and I'm so excited! I'm also thinking of creating a Youtube channel and maybe starting up a blogshop.
Lets see which plan actually pulls through :)

“You go away for a long time and return a different person - you never come all the way back.” 
- Paul Theroux

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Best Friend's Birthday Surprise

14 . 07 . 2014
Her surprise

  Here's a short video of the surprise I did with my best friend for my other best friend :) 
Sorry for the shit quality - it was taken on an iphone and transferred to a computer to edit.


18 . 07 . 2014
Her celebration

So here are my three best friends:
 (From left to right: Sharon, Renee, Sam)

And it was this girl's birthday celebration!

So here's how we planned out her 18th:
We surprised and brought her (to Vivocity) to ride the cable car (to Mt Faber) for the first time in her life, then treated her to dinner at this restaurant called Spuds & Aprons which had the most spectacular view. I loved the ambiance of the place as much as I loved that we forced her to wear a tiara the entire day in commemoration of her special day ;)


dat eye tho

After dinner, we rode the cable car back to Vivocity where her boyfriend and friends were waiting with a birthday cake! (A small one of course, since she would have already been full from dinner)

It was so funny though. 'Cause they were all outside the entrance of Vivocity but I didn't know exactly where. So we tricked Renee saying that Sharon had to buy a product from Khiel's for her mom and the portable Khiel's van was at the entrance of Vivo (it actually was).
So when we exited the entrance, we found that the van/store was already closed, and her boyfriend&friends were nowhere to be found. It was a fml wru moment ahhhh, then Renee said that there was a Khiel's store inside the mall too so they walked back into the mall heading towards the store while I stayed outside to give the bf a call. Once I got their location, I ran back to catch up with them and faked a scene where I saw one of our old friends outside so I got them to exit the mall once again and when we were looking around for that "old friend", the bf sneaks up behind her and plants a kiss on her cheek ;)

 da bf, Nigel

Headed to Clarke Quay after where Darren joined us for some drinks!

 Chicken Tendersssssss yum

 Darren arrived with this slice of oreo cheesecake for me yay *u*

Aaaaaaaaaand we got the birthday girl to drink this highly inappropriate blowjob shot HAHAHA well that was fun.


Sam's birthday is coming in September.
I can't wait to carry out my plan ;)


" Friends that you know you will grow up with "