Friday, 19 December 2014

TNP Lookbook: C1

So the Lookbook for the first collection of my Blogshop, TNP, has finally launchedddd!!!

First Collection Lookbook

Click here to check it out ;)

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Infinity Pool @ MBS

{ Swimwear from Topshop, White Chiffon Cardigan from SetApart}

Had a really fun time chilling at MBS last weekend with this old bunch.
Thanks for the stay Mindy!

And a little update for the first collection of my blogshop - The lookbook will be up by the 20th of December, and the collection will be up by the year end!
Stay excited! ;)

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

UV Coloring @ J7image

{Giveaway at the bottom}
J7image has just brought in a new type of dye and it's super cool - UV Coloring!
They have 6 different colors as shown below:
So since Cherie picked the other colors, I boldly went for a little orange and yellow undertones!
So here's a quick picture diary of the process:


(This made my hair suuuuper smooth!)


And we put it to the test under UV light:

Normal Lighting

Imagine going clubbing and standing out with your glowing hair! 

So I walked around town with three of my friends after doing my hair and headed to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe to eat!

Yummmmmmmmmmmmz :p


So here's some pictures of how my hair looks!
{P.S. Necklace & Dress coming up on my first collection of my blogshop!}

Wanna have glowing hair as well?
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